UNURTH is an authentic & kind approach to fashion. We create one of a kind garments through the use of natural dye stuffs & sustainable dye techniques.
Sustainability & social conscience are considered an integral part of our identity. We are a young business, open to adaptation and we continue to learn & evolve throughout this journey.





We embrace slow fashion and create pieces that will still be in your wardrobe in years to come. Our pieces are born from vintage shapes that defy age & time.
As well as using vintage to influence our designs, we look to incorporate authentic vintage pieces within our ranges, reinventing garments for a second life. 



We consciously manufacture our dresses in a small family run factory in London & then hand dye the garments ourselves in our studio in Winchester.



Our collections are designed using natural fibres- most notably silk. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic with a very low water footprint, it is also 100% biodegradable & doesn’t emit toxins during the process, unlike synthetic materials. That said, we are not disillusioned when it comes to silk, we know that it’s not with our flaws & are working to improve the silk qualities we offer, both through UK grown silk & Peace silks. 
Our Remnant styles are handmade from repurposed yarns or fabrics, by using materials that are already in circulation we can prevent them from going to waste and ending up in landfill. 



We explore natural alternatives to reduce waste & toxic dyestuffs. Each UNURTH piece is individually hand dyed using natural dye stuffs including, botanicals, plant matter, non-toxic metals & food wastes which provide a rich renewable resource for dyeing. 
Eco-printing mixed with oxidised pigments creates cloudy organic dye effects giving the products an earthy, atmospheric look. Each dress is dyed individually so inconsistencies are a natural part of the process.
Natural dyeing is very different from synthetic dyeing, unlike synthetic dyes which are formulated to maintain colour fastness, natural dyes metamorphosize over time. How quick this process happens depends on the wearer. Washing and high levels of sunlight exposure will speed up this process. 
We aim to keep consistency between garments but shade variances are unavoidable & encouraged to be embraced.